country style fashion

country style fashion

Yee-Haw! Welcome to Pure Dust, Australia’s leading country style fashion distributor. We house a plethora of brands and take our outback fashion with pride. Supplying premium country style fashion and western wear to Australians from Queensland. We stock over 30,000 items of clothing, boots, hats and accessories. We are a leader in practical, long lasting, comfortable western wear. Our dedication and devotion to our clients and outback individuals is tumultuous and we take country style fashion seriously. From mens country clothing Australia, womens country clothing, trucker caps, fishing shirts and much more - we transcend the rest and administer the finest mens country clothing Australia.

Not limited just to equestrians, hikers, campers, even motorcycle enthusiasts also began to utilize the exceptional weather resistant qualities of outback clothing, establishing it as one of the most stylish and effective forms of waterproof outerwear available. We take pride in administering a wide selection of country clothing and continuously seek the new and advanced trends to ensure that you get it first! Our knowledge and expertise is transcendent over competition, as we put in the hard yards to ensure that all our clothing pieces are of the highest quality.

When you hear the phrase “Country style Fashion” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company - Pure Dust. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in administering and stocking the finest and most upbeat country style fashion pieces that you will absolutely enjoy! We specialize in providing quality country style fashion throughout Australia. Pure Dust has become one of the Australian Outback's well-known distributors of leading brands of outback clothing. With a safe and reliable online marketplace you can now rapidly purchase your clothing without a hassle! For more information on our country style fashion contact us today. Moreover, browse our socials to get a real feel for our style and products!


I cannot get enough of the Blooms Collection. I officially own every piece and love and love everything about them, highly recommend others purchase if they want a quality piece of country fashion.