rodeo clothing

rodeo clothing

Rodeo clothing consists of long-sleeved shirts custom printed with the rider’s names, nicknames, sponsor names, past championships, and tour dates. Many riders choose rodeo show shirts with loopy, Western fonts that actually look like lassos or ropes. The next time you're at a big event, take a look at the cowboys and notice the writing on their sleeves, yokes, or pocket areas. Pure Dust is Australia’s leading and utmost reputable rodeo clothing distributor. We house the finest brands and continuously push the boundaries of what can be possible.

At Pure Dust, we set out to offer rodeo riders and everyday civilians the chance to customize their clothes for less. We offer a number of different show and competition rodeo clothing in solid colors and fun, plaid prints. Once you pick out a style, you can customize it with your own design. You can even design his-and-her shirts or matching kids' shirts. We take the guesswork out of ordering rodeo clothing by offering you the chance to see how the finished clothes will look online. You don't have to go to an expensive tack shop or specialty competition store to get the look and feel of professional rodeo clothing. Just shop online with us instead.

For over 20 years we have been providing prompt, personalised and reliable service to our customers whether they be tourists, locals or remote customers. We invite you to shop our rodeo clothing online with us wherever you may be in Australia.

When you hear the phrase “Rodeo Clothing” your mind should pinpoint to the largest retailer of outback clothing - Pure Dust! We supply clothing for those who can't be tamed! Proudly Australian, Pure Dust has grown into one of the largest companies of its type in Australia. We attribute this to our philosophy of offering the best brands, most extensive range and best service to our valued customers offering a unique and pleasurable shopping experience. Contact us today to get a better insight regarding our rodeo clothing and brands - we look forward to hearing from you!


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