show jumping clothes

show jumping clothes

Elegance and comfort play a pivotal role in your overall performance when it comes to show jumping and equestrian competition. Understanding exactly what is and isnโ€™t permitted in regard to dress standards for Show Jumping competitors can be very helpful when putting your competition wardrobe together. While not as tightly regulated as Dressage events, Showjumpers do have dress regulations applying to dress standards at Equestrian competitions. Here at Pure Dust, we have put in the effort to ensure that our range of show jumping clothes is second to none with a wide variety of brands that are world leading. Our uniqueness lies in the vibrancy of our show jumping clothes - we add a touch of excellence and perfection to all the pieces.

Pure Dust is a FNQ Owned Aussie Brand that stocks only the best quality outback fashion.

High-Quality, Stylish and Affordable Horse Riding Clothing is what we are all about here at Pure Dust. Combining our leading show jumping clothes with a large range of outback clothing for both men and women alike - we are your leading choice when it comes to outback fashion. For more than 20 years and counting we are the utmost favourable and devoted outback fashion company that is home to the finest brands and are always seeking for the new tendencies and trends in our field. Pure Dust also offers and administers custom designs for work, sports, events and social get togethers. We work around the clock to provide unique designs with superior quality fabrics and merchandising products, including clothing, coolers, show jumping clothes and trucker caps Australia.

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I cannot get enough of the Blooms Collection. I officially own every piece and love and love everything about them, highly recommend others purchase if they want a quality piece of country fashion.