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    Australian themed country clothing

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    National Barrel Racing Champion Bianca Hertel

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    Fun designs that stand up to adventures

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    Proudly sponsoring protection athletes since 2012

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    Events, clubs, charities, small & large businesses

Pure Dust Design

Unique, high quality, easy to wear clothing with vibrant designs that capture the spirit and amazing colours of our country.

Local inspiration, local designer, local outlets - Pure Dust is country clothing at its finest!

Custom Designs

Did you know we can create unique, customized designs for your event, club, charity or business?

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Limited Edition Designs

Dreamcatcher Polo

'Dreamcatcher' is a feminine design evoking hopes and dreams. You will never forgive yourself if you miss out on this one!

Perfect for Australia Day!

This fun design is perfect for Aussie Day celebrations! Pre-orders your today and save 👌

Sarah's Wildflowers

This shirt has been designed as a fundraiser for our beautiful friend Sarah. Buy a shirt for $65 with all profits going towards Sarah helping her fight Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 💪

SAVE 15%