An Interview with Paiton Morphett


Paiton Morphett grew up in a horsey family, so it is no surprise that this young rider took to rodeoing with great success. Based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Paiton enjoys barrel racing and this year steps out into the open ladies division. We love having her as a brand ambassador for Pure Dust

How old where you when you first started riding? 

I was 12 years old when I started riding, but I have been around race horses my whole life.

What do you love about rodeo and why?

I love the competitiveness and the ability to improve and be better than you were last weekend.

What are your top highlights or proudest moments?

Winning West Wyalong Rodeo earlier in the year and watching my sister win the 2017 NFR Jnr Barrel Race in Tamworth.

What has been a funny or memorable experience from your years of rodeoing? 

The feeling driving home and being able to shout the family an ice cream after having a successful weekend.

How does the 2019 season look to be shaping up? Any big plans or goals?

In the 2019 season I will be Barrel Racing against the open ladies competition and hopefully having a go in the steer un-decorating. 

Describe a ‘typical day’ in the life of Paiton Morphett?

A typical day includes going to school and hanging out with my friends.

How many horses do you have in work at any one time? 

It depends on how many horses we have here in competition or selling.

What horse(s) will you be riding for the 2019 season? 

I will my be riding Moe our 11 year old Navan Quarter Horse and Dusty my Quarter Horse colt that has recently been broken in. 

Do you have a favorite horse that you have competed (past or present)? 

Moe is my favorite horse to compete on, due to him giving me 110% every single time and the joy he brings to our family with his personality. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of barrel racing and horses? 

I enjoy watching my sister and brother play AFL on weekends and spending time with my friends and boyfriend.

What motivates & inspires you to keep going and stay positive through all the ups and downs of rodeo life? 

I stay motivated and positive throughout rodeo life because I desire to be the best I can be.

The team behind the dream, who makes up your rodeo family? 

The dream team consists of a lot of people, especially Dad for always having our horses fed, shod and prepped for performance level and giving me pep talks and advice. My sponsors Pure Dust help me get down the road looking my best in their beautiful shirts. My Mum, Sister, Brother, Boyfriend and Maree Curtis, all support me each and every weekend carting me to rodeos and barrel races, mounting me out, and I strive to make them all proud.



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