Pure Dust: A Story of Resilience and Passion by Sally, From Jockey Dreams to Fashion Reality

Hello there! I am Sally, the woman behind Pure Dust, your go-to place for country-style fashion. I aspire to share my story—a journey filled with dreams, trials, transformations, and ultimately becoming an award-winning fashion designer. It is a path intertwined with an immense love for horses and the profound resilience that shaped who I am today.

The Early Start

Like everyone, I once cradled a dream—a youthful passion that glittered in my eyes. Ever since I could remember, I loved horses and dreamed of working with them. This relentless passion led me to make a significant decision: At age 16, I left school to pursue an exciting career as a jockey. Things were looking up until one fateful day, the day after I won my first race—coincidentally, my 16th birthday.

The Unexpected Turn

In a split second, things took a drastic turn. I faced a horrifying accident, being kicked in the head by a horse at the property where I worked. I was severely injured, and my survival was anticipated to be bleak. However, I defied the odds and miraculously made it through. But the life-altering incident left me with half my eyesight lost and a significant setback—I had to learn to read all over again.
The entire experience was daunting, and regaining a normal life was an uphill battle. In a world that demanded efficiency and productivity, finding a job became a challenging task. However, these difficulties did not deter me. They instead stoked the fire within me, paving the way for an exciting venture.

A New Venture Emerges

Emerging from the ashes of adversity like a phoenix, I embarked on a bold new journey at the age of 22. I drifted slightly from my equine love and plunged into the world of swimwear design. It was a thrilling venture that opened a unique path for me. With a bank loan, a couple of industrial sewing machines, and a vivacious dream, I set up a small factory. I hired a team of experienced staff to breathe life into my designs.

Seeking exposure and experience, I registered for the RAQ Fashion Design Awards Swimwear Category, awestruck by the grandeur of the event. To my utter disbelief and overwhelming joy, I won!

Transformation and the Birth of Pure Dust

Fast forward to 2011; packed with lessons and myriad experiences, my life led me to Mareeba in FNQ. Here, my love for the country lifestyle triggered a shift—I decided to channel my designs into celebrating country fashion, and hence, Pure Dust was born. I am a country girl at heart who cherishes the outdoors, horses, and everything that comes with it.

Pure Dust is more than just a brand; it's a symbol of endurance, a testimony of resilience, and a manifestation of love for the countryside. Looking back, it's been an extraordinary journey! From dreaming of being a jockey, overcoming life-altering challenges, and finally finding my niche in fashion design, I've learned that dreams can shape-shift, yet what truly matters is never losing sight of who you are and what you love.

Whether you're a horse lover, a fashion enthusiast, or just on a journey to find what tugs at your heartstrings, I hope my story serves as inspiration for you to keep going. Challenges and roadblocks can veer you off your path, but they can also lead you to exciting, unexpected destinations. So keep exploring, keep dreaming, and most importantly, keep believing!

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